Great Heavenly King Vaishravana Riding Across The Waters
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Great Heavenly King Vaishravana Riding Across The Waters

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Vaishravana riding across the waters from Dunhuang Mogao , cave17 China painted during the Tang dynasty, mid 10th century. British Museum

Vaishravana One of the four heavenly kings. He is said to live halfway down the northern side of Mount Sumeru and protect the north, accompanied by the two classes of demons called yaksha and rākshasa. Also called Hearer of Many Teachings, this god is said to always protect the place where the Buddha preaches and listen to the Buddha’s teachings.

Hand painted oil reproduction on linen canvas with high quality oil and canvas. Average painting time is 15 days. Free Global Shipping via DHL 5-10 days guaranteed delivery or else no hassle immediate credit back.                                   

 Ships in rolled tube

 High quality linen canvas

 Museum grade oil paint

 Professionally hand painted 

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