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The Passing of Queen Mahamaya

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Original hand painting commissioned by Buddharts.

The Passing of Queen Mahamaya
2021 In the era of Covid pandemic
Original Painting Location: Surat, India
Original Painting Purchase: By private bid to buddharts.info@gmail.com

Artist: Raja Savani, India
Original Art Dimension: 36 in X 48 in
Medium: Oil on canvas

The historical Shakyamuni Buddha was seven day old when his maternal mother Queen Mahamaya passed away. The queen is seen here giving her final instructions to her sister Mahaprajapati to raise Siddhartha as her own child and to marry her husband, King Suddhana of the Shakya kingdom in the presence of a few closest chamber attendants. It wasn't until Siddhartha became a teenager did he find out that his beloved Mahaprajapati is actually his aunt and not his biological mother. Instead of feeling deceived by the entire royal court apparatus chiefly orchestrated by the king who sought to protect the young prince from experiencing the sufferings of ordinary citizens beyond the walls of the royal compound, Siddhatha's love and deep abiding affinity towards Mahaprajapati as his mother grew even stronger. However, this significant event must have arguably been the catalyst that ignited his quest in search of overcoming the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death.