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Prince Siddarth Weds Yashodara

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Yashodara was the daughter of King Suppa and Queen Pamita. As King Suppa was one of King Suddhodana younger brothers, she was one of Siddharth’s cousins. Siddarth was sixteen when his parents decided that it was a suitable time for him to marry. At first King Suppa was against the marriage. He knew that the wise men had foretold that Siddharth would leave the palace and his crown to become a Buddha. He also felt that the gentle, compassionate Prince might not be skilled in warfare, and as such, not be suitable for his daughter. The princess, however, wanted to marry no one else but Siddharth.

Wishing to test Prince Siddharth, King Suppa, arranged a tournament for Him to display His skills in archery, riding and swordsmanship. Sportsmen from all over the country gathered to challenge the Prince. Siddharth, however was an excellent sportsman. He excelled in all the events and ousted the best men in the country. King Suppa therefore relented and gave his daughter in marriage to Prince Siddharth. Both were 16 of age.

Hand painted oil reproduction on linen canvas with high quality oil and canvas. Average painting time is 15 days. Free Global Shipping via DHL 5-10 days guaranteed delivery or else no hassle immediate credit back.                                   

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