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Nichiren Going Into Exile on Sado Island

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Nichiren Going Into Exile by Kuniyoshi Utagama (1798-1861)
The exile of Nichiren to Sado Island in the Sea of Japan from 1271 through 1274. The priest Ryōkan of Gokuraku-ji temple in Kamakura was challenged by Nichiren to a contest praying for rain. But when Ryōkan’s prayers failed to have an effect, he spread false rumors about Nichiren, using his influence with the wives and widows of high government officials. This led to Nichiren’s confrontation with Hei no Saemon, deputy chief of the Office of Military and Police Affairs of the Kamakura shogunate, who arrested him and maneuvered to have him executed at Tatsunokuchi. The execution attempt failed, however, and Nichiren was then confined for nearly a month at the residence in Echi, on the mainland, of Homma Rokurō Saemon, the deputy constable of the island province of Sado. Finally the shogunate ordered Nichiren exiled to the island.
On the tenth day of the tenth month, 1271, Nichiren was taken by Homma’s warriors from Echi to Sado. They reached Sado on the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month in winter, and, on the first day of the eleventh month, arrived at Tsukahara.


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