The Offering of Mud Pie to the Buddha

The scene unfolds while Shakyamuni Buddha and Ananda encounter 2 boys, Virtue Victorious and Invincible. The boy Virtue Victorious had nothing to offer to the Buddha and he made a mud pie out of his sincere desire as an offering. The Buddha then predicted that Virtue Victorious will be reborn as King Ashoka 200 years later and Invincible will be reborn as his Queen.

This scene includes 3 wise and wealthy man making condescending gestures at the boys whom we have to assume are from poor family. While Virtue Victorious made that offering to the Buddha with Ananda by his side, his mother with one hand on his shoulder look down and away to the side as though embarrassed by what her son just did. This mother should be painted like a Rajastani woman and style with the most grace and dignity. Lucky 8 characters in this scene. The Buddha, Ananda, Virtue Victorious and mother, Invincible, and the 3 wise and wealthy men.

This scene if painted or "digitally painted" from this vision will rock the Buddhist world, especially with the sequel, King Ashoka! The greatest King in all of India's history and glory. King Ashoka's story is inextricably tie to the mud pie offering story here.

As I was trying to google for reference images, using mud pie offering, not even a single image came anywhere close to this event. Makes me crave for a scoop of ice cream now as google search results shows ice scream scoops resembling mud pie. It shows we are right at the starting point of a Renaissance. We need to have this visual broadcast ASAP.

Please submit your proposal with a few sample work to

Proposal should have your own vision of the final visual including the dimension.

Traditional or Digital acceptable.