Queen Mahamaya's Final Instructions To Mahaprajapati - COMPLETED Jan2021


A few days after the birth of Prince Siddartha, Queen Mahamaya had a dream of a messenger appearing before her to notify that she has fulfilled her mission and that is time for her to return to Tushita Heaven. Awakened from the ominous dream, Queen Mahamaya summoned Mahaprajapati (her sister) to her bedside and gave the final instructions moments before passing away.

This is an extremely emotional scene where the artist must capture the intense exchange of words and feelings between the 2 sisters on the future of the would be Buddha and King Suddodhana. Prajapati was asked to marry the King and to be the mother of Siddarth which she fatefully fulfilled.The King was not present here, only a few maid chambers were present by their side, including Prajapati's most loyal attendant Laushika.

I was trying to post a reference image here and the closest I could find is this illustration for a children's Dharma class. This shows the urgent need for museum quality paintings to emerge in the Buddhist world, and this particular event to record the death of Buddha's mother when he was only 7 days old. Siddarth was finally told of the truth while still living in the palace as a young adult at around the same time when he was questioning the much deeper dimensions of life and sufferings.

Calling out to global artists to submit your proposal to Buddharts.info@gmail.com Proposal should have your own vision of the final visual including the dimension.

Traditional painting or Digital art acceptable.