Calling All Artists

Buddharts is calling for participation from visual artists around the world in any discipline with only one requirement that your content image be a Buddhist related theme or even a tangential relationship will suffice. Since this is a curated site, we need you to submit your interest to be in this space by writing to us at

We welcome art submissions in JPEG files in RGB format at a resolution of 600X720 dpi. You can send as many work as want for selection to be shown here. We will then contact you with specific file request on the ones that are selected. The maximum print size we are currently offering is 24 X 36 inches, so please ensure you have a high quality digital copy of your original art in order to have a good quality print at that max print size of 24 X 36". Essentially, Buddharts is licensed to sell your prints and will pay a royalty fees of 10% based on the selling price of the print excluding any shipping and sales tax.

We will work with you to get your royalties paid in the most efficient and economical method. At the moment, we are only licensed to sell your prints and will not offer to sell your original which may changed in the future. Your work will be widely promoted thru social media and other marketing channels. This is a no hassle easy platform to get your art career rocketed.

We urge you to participate in this very important endeavor by taking the first step to contact us and submit some of your past work. Open commissions will be posted on this platform and artists that are registered with us as contributing artists will have first priority to bid on the commissioned work by Buddharts.

Take the first step Today by becoming a Buddharts Contributing Artist.