About Us

Buddharts is undertaking to create a global Buddhist Art Renaissance by showcasing Buddhist related visual arts and the commissioning of original artwork which depicts key events in the annals of Buddhism, as well as from the scriptural accounts and writings of sages who came after the historical Shakyamuni Buddha. The vast amount of commissionable paintings are virtually infinite considering the fact that we have not even attempt to do this in the Buddhist world besides iconography. The global Buddhist order and community needs to bring to bear their collective minds to support the creation and widely share the hidden treasures of Buddhism through this commissioning process. Bear in mind the priceless and immensely powerful paintings at the Vatican and other prominent European museums are mostly commissioned by wealthy and influential individuals and the Church itself. Buddharts is charged with the mission to create a comprehensive visual tapestry of the history and teachings of Buddhism and ultimately a museum as a sanctuary for these paintings, simultaneously providing a venue for public engagement.