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What is the mission of Buddharts?

Much of what we see in art about Buddhism are depictions of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, and the bodhisattvas presented in the many sutras or teachings attributed to him.  These depictions come in a variety of painting or sculptural styles, often emphasizing a single characteristic of enlightenment or compassion, such as its malleable form befitting his humanistic character, rendered in the fluid strokes of a painter's brush.

The abundance of iconographic genre in the Buddhist art world caused a scarcity of art regarding key figures and events that contributed to the development of Buddhism in its current state. For example, there is not a single painting to record the first caravan of Buddhist missionaries from Central Asia to China around the first century of the common era or possibly earlier. These early missionaries made the perilous journey across the desert using, as trail markers, the dried bones of the dead who had attempted the crossing before them. The least we could do to honor the courage and sacrifice of these missionaries is to tell their story and bring it to life through the visual arts.

The transmission of Buddhism from China to Korea and eventually to Japan in the 6th century is of great significance. Here again we can hardly find any visual record of the exchanges between the Chinese monks and their Japanese audience despite of the heavy exchanges for several hundred years leading up to the arrival of the Mongols. Why? One may asked in dismay. In 13th century Japan under the reign of the Kamakura regime, key developments in Mahayana Buddhism occurred with the advent of the sage monk Nichiren, who declared the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra, and of the clergy and laity who held fast to his teachings despite great persecution.

Buddharts is a movement that urges painters, sculptors, digital artists and other artisans throughout the world to participate in the creation of great works of art signaling the beginning of renaissance in the Buddhist art world. The main focus is to work with artists by commissioning works with specific reference to significant people and events ranging from Shakyamuni to Nichiren, their disciples and all those who came after them.

Through online sales of prints and other merchandise and through donations, Buddharts intends to raise and use funds to commission works of art that are of the highest quality with important historical significance. Your support of this unprecedented undertaking however modest, is like a drop of dew that forms part of the vast ocean. From this ocean of infinite ideas, comes forth the stupendous opportunities to create works of art which records and promotes the friendly and peaceful transmission of Buddhism across many different nation states as a visual challenge to remind us of the most basic fundamental desire of the Buddha, and that is WORLD PEACE. In the words of the Prophet Baha'u'llah the founder of the Baha'i faith, "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens" says this Prophet from the 19th century absolutely concurring with the Buddha who came more than 2000 years before him.

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